1. Rough design

Tell us your rough image of colors and the design.


2. Design proposals

We will send the finished image of the work based on your design.


3. Quotation

After fixing design, we will submit a quate including the cost of customizing and the shipping fee only for returning the finished work.


4. Payment

Payment can only be made through Paypal.


5. Sending parts

Send the faceplate, buttons or any parts necessary to customize of your MPC.

*Please note that sending the whole unit result in high customs and shipping cost.

We reccomend not sending the whole one.


6. Customizing

It takes about two to three weeks to complete.


7. Confirming the work

We will show you the photo of the complete work by e-mail.


8. Shipment

It takes three to five business days to the Customs in your country.


Enjoy the only one MPC in the world!