E-mu SP1200 Rackmount custom

Basic Price: $1850 (+shipping)

E-mu SP1200, known as legendary 12bit sampler.

We have started rack mount custom service for your SP1200. Any types(First type, Reissue type) are acceptable.

Of cource "one and only" sound isn't change. We realized the operation feeling as the original.

You can order body color, lettering, LED, and LCD color. You can also choose floppy emulator and VFD display with excellent visibility as option.

If there are some issues (bad buttons, hiss or noize from output, bad floppy drive, etc.....) on your SP1200, We take maintenance. you can use SP1200 Rack in perfect condition.



Dimension(mm):[W]480 x [H]132.5 x [D]384.5

*Specification of sampling time will be the same as the original.



[HxC Floppy Emulator] + $180

[VFD Display] + $160

How to Order

Please contact from here.


1. Rough design

Tell us your rough image of colors and the design.


2. Design proposals

We will send the finished image of the work based on your design.


3. Quotation

After fixing design, we will submit a quate including the cost of maintenance, options and the shipping fee and custom fee only for returning the finished work.


4. Payment

Payment can only be made through Paypal.


5. Sending unit

Send your SP1200 via International shipping service.


6. Customizing

It takes about 2 month to complete.


7. Confirming the work

We will show you the photo of the complete work by e-mail.


8. Shipment

It takes three to five business days to the Customs in your country.



If you have any questions, Please contact from here.